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About CCUA

“Protection of the public’s interest in all matters of concern related to local telecommunications and utility issues.”

The Colorado Communications and Utility Alliance is the state’s leading local government professional organization providing topical information and support on telecommunications, broadband, cable franchising and related technology issues that impact the interests of residents and local governance.

 We support our members on local, state, and federal communication laws, administrative rulings, and judicial decisions affecting:

  • Communications and internet policy
  • Broadband, wireless infrastructure and Rights-of-Way/zoning implementation
  • New technological advancements
  • Best practices in the administration of cable TV franchises, including the operation of Public, Education, and Government (PEG) access channels

 We actively follow emerging issues and provide analysis and advocacy services to cities, towns, counties and commissions across the state.

 We are a collective of creative programmers, producing unique content that opens governance, enhances education, and allows Colorado voices to be heard.

 We provide a forum for an open discussion about telecommunications issues.


Our Membership

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